Module Dlx

module Dlx: sig .. end
Knuth's dancing links (aka DLX) see

type t 
The internal data structure for DLX
val create : ?primary:int -> bool array array -> t
Creates a DLX data structure from a matrix of Boolean values. The purpose of DLX is to solve the Exact Matrix Cover problem for this matrix, that is to find one (or all) subsets of rows such that each column contains exactly one value true for primary columns and at most one true value for secondary columns.

If primary is given, it means that the first primary columns are primary; otherwise, all columns are primary columns.

val get_first_solution : t -> int list
Returns the first solution that is found. Raises Not_found if the problem has no solution.
val count_solutions : t -> int
Returns the number of solutions.
val get_solution_array : t -> int list array
Returns all solutions, as an array of lists. Each solution is a list of row indices (rows are 0-based).
val get_solution_list : t -> int list list
Returns all solutions, as a list of lists.
type solution 
val iter_solution : (solution -> unit) -> t -> unit
iter_solution f p applies f on each solution of the problem p, one at a time
val list_of_solution : solution -> int list
Decodes a solution as a list of rows (rows are 0-based)
val print_solution : Format.formatter -> solution -> unit
Print a solution, as a space-separated list of integers