Module Util (.ml)

module Util: sig .. end



module TimerSubset: Timer.S 
module TimerApply: Timer.S 
module TimeFix: Timer.S 
module TimeEasyFix: Timer.S 
module TimeHardFix: Timer.S 
module TimeRP: Timer.S 
module TimePre: Timer.S 
module TimeSort: Timer.S 
module TimeForward: Timer.S 
module TimeCheckCand: Timer.S 
module TimeFormula: Timer.S 
module TimeSimpl: Timer.S 
module TimeCertificate: Timer.S 


val nb_digits : int -> int

Returns the number of digits of a positive integer

val set_liberal_gc : unit -> unit

Changes garbage collector parameters limit its effect

val reset_gc_params : unit -> unit

Reset the parameters of the GC to its default values. Call after Util.set_liberal_gc.

val syscall : string -> string

Captures the output of a unix command

val syscall_full : string -> string * string * Unix.process_status

Captures the standard and error output of a unix command with its exit status

val remove_trailing_whitespaces_end : string -> string
type color = {
   c_red : float;
   c_green : float;
   c_blue : float;
val red : color
val green : color
val blue : color
val black : color
val white : color
val magenta : color
val hex_color : color -> string
val chromatic : color -> color -> int -> unit -> color
type loc = Lexing.position * Lexing.position 

Location in file

val report_loc : Format.formatter -> loc -> unit

Report location on formatter