Module Stats (.ml)

module Stats: sig .. end


exception ReachedLimit

raised if the search exceeds the allocated limits

val cpt_delete : int Pervasives.ref

number of delted nodes

val new_node : Node.t -> unit

register the treatment of a new node

val fixpoint : Node.t -> int list -> unit

register the result of a successful fixpoint check

val restart : unit -> unit

resisters a backtrack and restart

val remaining : (unit -> int * int) -> unit

outputs number of remaining nodes in the queues given a function to count them. This function will be called only if Options.quiet is false

val delete : int -> unit

delete nb registers nb deletions

val candidate : Node.t -> Node.t -> unit

candidate n c registers a new candidate c emerging from node n

val print_report : safe:bool -> Node.t list -> Node.t list -> unit

prints a complete report. Additionally, if Options.profiling is set then output timing information.

val print_stats_certificate : Node.t list -> string -> unit
val error_trace : Ast.t_system -> Node.t -> unit

print an error trace given a faulty node

val check_limit : Node.t -> unit

Raises ReachedLimit if the limits given in Options have been exceeded