ocamlweb is a literate programming tool for OCaml.


User manual, in PostScript and HTML.

Here is a little example, whose source is here. Many other examples on that page.

And, of course, the code of ocamlweb it-self, in formats PostScript and HTML.


ocamlweb is freely available, under the terms of the GNU LIBRARY GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE. It is available as:

You can access the FTP zone directly. Here are the recent changes.


ocamlweb is developed by Jean-Christophe Filliâtre and Claude Marché.

Thanks to Judicaël Courant, Ralf Treinen, Patrick Loiseleur, Pierre Courtieu, François Pottier, Christian Rinderknecht, Anne Dorland and Guillaume Muller for their help.

Homepage Français
Jean-Christophe.Filliatre[at]lri.fr (formatted with yamlpp).